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Blending the beauty of art with the power of play. Conceptual wooden toys for all family.

    Balance it

    No regular pieces found here, only pure material to create art! Abstract and seemingly irregular, unstable pieces can make beautiful sculptures.

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    Toys that engages with a child’s senses and helps them develop an understanding of the physical world- mass, motion, inertia, momentum, as well as helping exercise their imagination, bring stories to life.

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    Abstract collection

    Simple designs inspire open-ended, creative playtime that allows children to access new ways of thinking, discovering their environment, and even begin to appreciate the beauty of art.

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    About us

    About us

    MinMin Copenhagen is a family-owned business based in beautiful Copenhagen, Denmark. We hand create sustainable artistic wooden toys for children and families. All of our products are produced with care, and the intention of blending the beauty of art with the power of play. 



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