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We stand for kids growing up confident, with an amazing sense of self-worth, a whole lot of resilience and respect for others, and the world around them.



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Bath time will never be the same


Fresh Mood bath toys set offer an exciting and relaxing new way to learn and play while in the tub. They are designed to bring out a child's creative side as they go on adventure from happy to sad and back again in just one bath time. This set is not collecting mold and sticks to the bath tiles or any flat surfaces when in contact with water.

This is MinMin Copenhagen

We believe that imagination is the most powerful tool. That’s why we make toys and products that are all about vision through imagination. We don’t believe that vision and imagination ends on planet earth. Sincerely? We don’t believe that imagination has an end at all! Our products don’t believe it too.

The power of play is the foundation for all learning, and so we have created a space that is always open to creativity and exploration. Our goal is to create products that inspire children and families be themselves and explore their world in ways that are meaningful to them.

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