How Can I clean my toys?

We advise cleaning your toys by hand, washing with a little soapy water only. Please be careful and gentle. The colours are water-resistant, but they can fade. Allow to dry at room temperature.

What kind of wood are you using?

We are using Hornbeam wood.

Where your toys are produced?

All our toys are designed in Denmark and produced in Ukraine in small independent workshop. 

Why does my toys have marks?

Wood is a natural material which will always have different markings, that show up in our products, making each one unique. Unique variations are proof of quality, not defects.

What do you paint your toys with?

We are painting our toys with water- based natural paint, which leaves velvety, matte feeling- instead of a glossy one.
We are dipping each piece of toy individually into paint, and we do not varnish our toys after painting, as we like to keep wood in the most natural state.
Our colours are non-toxic, water based stains that are absolutely harmless and tested in-depth for colour fastness in contact with saliva. This test uses a liquid comparable to standard human saliva.

It may sporadically happen with new products that initially some excess colour pigments will get released which results in colour transfer.

In case of severe mechanical abrasion, the color pigments on the surface may come off. It should be avoided to treat the surfaces with a scouring cloth or a scrubbing brush. 

Toy Safety

All our products are manufactured and tested in accordance with the safety requirements of the European (EN71-3).

Where can I buy your toys?

We do not run a direct end consumer business. We distribute our goods exclusively through resellers. A list of our stokists can be found in /stockists section(link).